Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cast of Characters

Leading Ladies:

Cynthia – Currently in law school, ex-pat Californian, Kristin’s roommate.

Kim – Getting her masters in nursing, native NYer, college pal of Kristin (sordid past here)

Kristin – Actress, ex-pat Californian, sometimes likes to write in the third person as “our young heroine.”

Sarah – Native NYer, currently working in the wonderful world of non-profits. Grow Some Testicles was her idea.

Supporting Cast:

Dan – Luis's best friend & Sven's brother.

JJ – Kristin's Stanford Blach, if you will. Though not nearly as flaming.

Katie – Kim’s college roommate, sadly no longer lives in NYC.

Madeline – Hottie Roommate's replacement. We luv her!

Melissa – Sven's wife, a very sweet, nice girl.

Sven – Dan's brother, Melissa's husband. Really one of the only young, married people we know.

Auditioning for the role of Leading Man:

The Asshole – Cynthia’s most recent ex, who delighted in being rude to Kim and Kristin.

Boston Boy – Kristin's first love and college boyfriend. They did the long distance thing for 3 years before moving in together senior year. Kristin moved out quickly thereafter.

British Scientist – One of Kristin's boys that unexpectedly vanished after telling her he wanted to be exclusive. He was working (no joke) on finding a cure for cancer.

Deaf-Mute – Kim's first love and college boyfriend. He was not very social, hence the nickname.

The Founding Member – an important writer/director in Kristin's theatre company. He's the most unlucky in love of us all, which of course means that Kris is attracted to him. But if things went awry...

Goofball – One of Princeton Lawyer's best friends from college. Was in love with Kim, but hit on Kristin. Now has some girlfriend who's a senior in college. A little young for him, we think... (or maybe Kris is just pissed he insulted her by out of the blue asking her to go home with him...)

The Hated Ex – Sarah’s first love and ex-boyfriend that everyone hates (because we love Sarah), he also dated Kim.
Sarah's experience
Kim's experience

Hot Actor – An actor in Kristin's theatre company that she made out with backstage. Despite several attempts to get him to go out, nothing ever ended up happening.

Hottie Roommate – Kristin & Cynthia’s former roommate, going through a divorce (and was kissing Sarah).

The Invited Guest – a friend of Kristin & Kim's that recently broke up with his girlfriend. Interesting...

Irish Guy – divorced with two kids, Kristin was unaware of this when she agreed to go out with him. Drama ensued.

Jersey Shore Boy – Kristin’s most recent ex and unwitting impetus for the blog.

Karaoke Boy – Yet another of Kristin's dates who got weird after 3 dates...

Luis – Kim’s boyfriend and frat brother of Jersey Shore Boy .

MacB – Actor friend of Kristin’s who there was something with. But then he turned out to want threesomes with other men.

Pizza Boy - One of Kristin's boys that she met speed dating.

The Poet – Kristin’s ex that she was totally in love with, despite the fact that he was a total committment-phobe. Long story short? He told her they couldn't be exclusive anymore because he was planning to have sex with his married ex-girlfriend.

Princeton Lawyer – Cynthia's current boyfriend, most often called "my dear boyfriend."

The Prospect – Kristin’s former “friend with benefits” (oh, all right, Fuck Buddy).

The Resident
– Some guy that made out with Kristin and never called. Funny story though.

The Set-Up – a friend of Princeton Lawyer's friend that Kris had a date with.

Sexy D – a friend of Princeton Lawyer's that hit on Kristin at the 4th of July party–just out of view of Jersey Shore Boy! Ended up flirting with Sarah on New Years....

Tennis Boy (aka Footlong) – a friend's friend who Kristin met at a birthday party. He has an amazing body and is very *cough* well endowed....


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