Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the men who come between us

Our friend Katie once observed that Kristin and I have fought more during our six year friendship than either of us have fought with any other guy we’ve ever been with… anyone who knows Kristin and me knows that we both can be hot tempered and both are quick to react so of course fighting comes naturally to us ;) however, looking back on all these years, it seems that most of our fights (of course not all) can be attributed to the men in our lives for whatever reason at the time…
First it was the summer of fun, when both of us were single for the first time together, both of us having gotten out of long miserable relationships. I was a reckless machine and Kristin kept telling me to be careful, kept telling me that I’m going to get myself into trouble. I resented being told what to do and we would often bicker about it. Of course when hottie Irish boy didn’t call or California surfer dude with the girl name who I was convinced was my soul mate didn’t call, I was devasted hard about it for an abnormally long amount of time and of course she was there to pick up the pieces. She was the one taking me to dinner, letting me sleep at her apt night after night after night, and she was the one (along with other ppl, esp Katie) listening to me go on and on and on about why they didn’t call, what I did wrong, yada yada yada
And then came the man we both were tricked into bed with (not at the same time) …that’s another story for another time…. But needless to say, it seems that his shady (and curvy) self was trying to turn us against each other.
And then we became more serious with the men we happened to meet. There was jersey shore boy that Kristin started dating who was very sweet and very into her but who I didn’t trust completely, who seemed to try to be too funny at times and as a result ended up being inappropriate at times, who got jealous at the drop of a hat, jealous not only of other guys, but of me, who seemed to try to rip apart our bond. When he insulted me at zum Schneider one Sunday afternoon in front of 2 other guys, I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. As a result, Kristin and I—well, let’s just say there were many an argument…
Can’t you just get over it?
Why should I get over it? He’s a dipshit!
That was so mean that you didn’t invite him to your birthday party but invited everyone else
Everyone else doesn’t say mean things to me

And so it went. And so our friends had to hear all about our arguments all the time.
I finally decided that our friendship was worth more than me and Jersey shore boy and I resolved our conflicts during kristin’s birthday only in the way I would resolve a conflict, by a beer chugging contest.
And then I surprisingly saw a lot of good qualities in jersey shore boy, and realized why he made my friend so happy. And no he wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for her at the time. And even though jersey shore boy isn’t in the picture now, at least everyone can look back on many fond memories over the past 3 years.
Jersey shore boy happened to introduce me to his friend luis who I soon started hating (and loving) the moment I met him…
And then it was my turn...luis wasn’t perfect at first and Kristin pointed out his obnoxiousness, his immaturity. She thought I deserved better. And when he pulled the 6 month break thing on me and I got back together with him, she hated it, she couldn’t understand my behavior.
But as time went on she saw us together and realized how our bond grew stronger and how we cared about each other.
The moral of the story?
A lot of our fights were really stupid and drove us and our friends around us crazy, but if I could go back, would I change anything? It seems like in our own crazy way, we kept trying to look out for each other, even though at times that meant not seeing where the other one was coming from and realizing (and accepting) that that later. Sometimes we were right and sometimes we weren’t, but the most important part of it all was our intentions were always good.


At 8/11/2005 2:06 PM, Blogger -- said...

Love you girlie!!!

At 8/11/2005 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said!

that is what i love about you and kristin - i know i can always rely on you to have my best interests at heart, even if it manifests itself as unbelievable bitchiness =)



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