Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Boys Behaving Bizzarely

Okay, so I realize that I'm some sort of a magnet for bizzare boy behavior. MacB & British Scientist are good examples--and that's just in the last month! But tonight just seems to be yet another example...

One of Princeton Lawyer's best friends from his undergrad days is a fellow we'll call Goofball. We met him at Princeton Lawyer's 4th of July party, back when I was still with Jersey Shore Boy. All the boys seemed to like him a lot, but he has the most loud, strange laugh. And he's a bit of a dork, but would be totally cute if he stopped trying so hard to impress everybody.

Anyways, he totally fell in love with Kim at the 4th of July party. Apparently, according to Princeton Lawyer, he wouldn't stop talking about her. Now Kim is pretty hot, and sweet to boot, but is totally in love with Luis. And she was pretty clear on that at the 4th of July party. But we kept hearing how Goofball was so hung up on Kim--even though Luis is certainly not going anywhere. And Goofball and Luis seemed to get along really well, which just made Goofball's love for Luis's girlfriend stranger.

Well, we all went bowling tonight, and Goofball was there. He actually seemed better than he was on the 4th, still trying to impress people, but not quite so hard (which was good). But after talking to (flirting with?) Kim for a bit, he kept coming my way. And Luis was pretty funny--he was like, "My man Goofball is single, Kristin" and stuff. Pretty amusing. So I talk to Goofball for a bit, off and on, all night. (I had my eye on one of Cynthia's totally cute law student friends, but OF COURSE he's engaged. What a bummer!)

Well, we're all getting ready to go, and Goofball kind of corners me and says, no joke, "I live in SoHo--it's not far from here." I'm like, uh, okay... And he repeats himself. I ask him "Are you asking me to go home with you?" And he says yes, he is. Uh...... THIS IS ONLY THE 2ND TIME I'VE MET YOU!

What ever happened to asking for a girl's number, huh? He seems sweet enough, and my policy is to go on a first date with anyone non-repulsive that asks (and he is between 5-6 points on the Kristin dating scale...), but he kind of skipped all the steps, and jumped right to going home with him. We weren't even KISSING--so how could he possibily think that I would just go home with him so easily? And it's a Tuesday night! And we weren't even on a date or anything! And last I checked, wasn't he in love with my best friend?

Totally bizzare.

The wierdest part is, he takes his leave of Cynthia, Princeton Lawyer, Sarah, and I in Washington Square Park. We are walking to the West 4th station, talking about his strange behavior and what he needs to change about it, and we're walking by the basketball courts. Sarah goes, "Hey, is that Goofball?" and we look, and sure 'nuff, Goofball is randomly playing basketball with this group of guys.

Totally bizzare.


At 10/05/2005 4:49 AM, Blogger ThreeCharlie said...

Did you exchange numbers? Please say, no.

At 10/05/2005 9:24 AM, Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

is it possible all he wanted was to spend more time talking to just you, away from the group atmostphere?
Some people are just social retarts... doesn't make them bad, they just don't express themselves with the same social graces (and common sense) others do.

At 10/05/2005 3:23 PM, Blogger -- said...

Yeah, no, I couldn't exchange numbers--he never asked!

Goofball is sweet, but yes, quite lacking in the social skills. But I did NOT get the impression that he wanted to talk....

At 10/05/2005 5:59 PM, Blogger Le Synge Bleu said...

evidently basketball is a random substitution for sex?

okay, that totally made me laugh really loud at the semi deserted sdj - ummm, the 2nd meeting no date come on is worse than the first date expectation come on. far worse!

wow, i'm so glad i don't have a penis.

At 10/06/2005 2:07 PM, Blogger Tasha said...

How weird! Was he totally just making up something between the two of you? I mean why else would he ask you to go home with him? You obviously weren't giving him that vibe

At 10/07/2005 12:13 PM, Blogger -- said...

I have no idea. Seriously, I'm a magnet for bad boy behavior.

At 10/09/2005 2:02 PM, Blogger sethro said...

Firstly, let me say Wow...its like Sex in the City...except in a blog.

Secondly, your man Goofball is taking the old adage, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, to an entirely new level.

At 10/12/2005 3:22 PM, Blogger Betty on the Beach said...

First off, I'm totally enjoying your blog and I can't help but put in a couple of cents.

What is it with NYC men? - they're ALL retards! I've been dating in this city for 5 years now and it's one bizarro retard after another.

Men are very spoiled in this city and they are in the driver's seat which is weird because women should always be in the driver seat when dating because...well.. we are more clever!

I am a "no games girl", so here's some advice for whatever it's worth:

1. Never cancel a date with one guy to be with another guy. As much as we would like to drop everything for the one with whom we are most smitten, it's just not a good idea. You never know when a frog will become a prince.
2. Always keep a few balls in play - until you are absolutely exclusive, (and that means a full on face-to-face conversation including expectations of what that means) these guys don't need to know you're dating other people. They're doing it too - it's just the way it is here unfortunately.
3. Text message relationships are a totally new thing and I've gotten stuck in one myself. Huge mixed messages and in truth, totally wussy if you ask me. If this guy wants to be "exclusive", you have to tell him that you refuse to text message or email anymore. All communication must be on the phone or in person.
4. I'm also involved with a Brit right now and although he isn't a text message type, Brits are a different breed. But keep in mind, even though he's polite and has a cute accent, he's still a single guy so don't let him play you and don't take any crap. You're way better than that!


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