Wednesday, February 01, 2006

update on my life

in case anyone hasn't noticed, i haven't updated in a while. for 2 reasons:

-i write all the time in my real blog, and feel like i dont have to "explain myself" there (i.e. i feel like here readers dont know me and i might be misunderstood, for whatever reason..either i'm not presenting myself the way i want to, or i'm not giving enough history behind something, or ppl are just too quick to judge, etc) so that gets kinda annoying, and i figure, what's the point

-a lot of ppl who i didn't want to read this blog read it (for ex, luis's friends) so i feel like i can't be as open as i want (and talk about certain ppl too!) which defeats the whole purpose.

that being said, b/c i'm a girl and like to contradict myself, here's what's goign on w/my (dating) life....

the man and i are moving in together. *GULP* yes, it's official. we can start moving in to the new apt a WEEK from today. it happened so fast, yet it didn't... we had orginally planned on may, but then luis was practically staying over my place every night for whatever reason since like november--late nights at work (it's more convenient to come over), he join the gym by my house, his roomie got another roomie, yada yada. i started kinda resenting him for it, b/c i felt like he had one foot in and one foot out (keeping his apt in jersey for "safety" or something) and also i felt like since it was my place, i was always doing everything--cleaning, laundry, etc. around december, we both agreed that it was time to ask the realty office for availablity for a 1 bdrm.. i finally asked 2 weeks ago. this past friday i got a call to come see a place, 5 mins after that we were signing the lease. it hit us about an hour after that.

we're going to be roomates.
we're going to LIVE together.

i feel good about it though. i think it's time for this next step. it's just scary b/c of the what ifs. what if it doesn't work out, then i wont be with this man for the rest of my life. what if i'm incapable of living w/anyone b/c i'm so neurotic? what if he drives me crazy? etc etc etc

but then there are the perks.

-less fighting about money issues--we're getting a joint account which i think will solve a lot of problems. for ex, since my schedule is more flexible than his, i end up getting the groceries and dry cleaning most of the time. that money comes out of my pocket continously.

-having a guy around for when you see a cockroach, that's definetely a perk

-having a sense of security

-starting a home w/someone

it's exciting, i have to admit..

other things going on w/my life (non dating wise)... i (still) can't wait for school to be over, i (still) hate so many of the ppl i go to school with (b/c they are these idealistic a-holes that complain about everything), i miss hanging out w/my friends so much and miss just feeling relaxed and like my old self.. but i've been doing better in balancing out my life and trying to keep from being too stressed... and i'm going to JAMAICA for spring break w/kristin and sarah!! definite highlight of the year (too bad cynthia can't come!!!!)

well, i guess that sums it up...

oh, and i'm (still) not going to allow comments- b/c i can do that =P