Sunday, January 29, 2006

Disappointment. And then more disappointment.

So, Kristin is trying not to be jaded and venture "out there" again. Soooo, I've been out, just to see what happens. I've discovered that pigtails are irrisistible to men. I'm in a show right now and I have to wear braids in it. Since once my hair is in braids, it looks terrible when I take it out, I generally leave the braids in. And bar hopping on Fri and Sat, the braids were a total hit.

Friday night I ended up partying with the cast of my show. We've not done that before, but we had a blast. The lead and I ended up staying out till 2:30, and had a great time. If you think I'm jaded, you have no idea till you meet her--she shot down every boy who said something stupid to her--it was inspirational. My braids, though, were the big draw. Tons of guys ended up talking to us, and my co-star ended up finding a very charming fellow to talk to. I, of course, ended up getting free drinks and conversation from a fellow visiting from Pittsburg. He laid it on pretty thick, how he wanted to come visit me and on and on. Not my type, though. Totally didn't get the whole "actress" thing, all about the suburbs, kinda full of himself. He insisted he'll call, though. Riiiight.

Saturday night I went to a show--and met the MAN OF MY DREAMS. He was sitting one row in front of me, we started chatting at intermission. He's a theatre critic, for a real newspaper, and a masters student at Columbia, and tall, and smart, and..... perfect. *sigh* I'm in love. So, my big plan all through the second act (clearly I was paying attention to the show) was to chat with him and engage him so thouroughly in conversation that we'd have to take it somewhere else--to a bar. But even though I put my plan into action, we get outside, and he's like "catch you later" and walks off. OH NO!!!!!! All my hopes and dreams for him, plans for being a theatre power couple (ha!) were dashed. (nasty commenters--please don't take that last sentence too seriously. I'm joking.)

After that, I met up with my new partner in crime, Dolly. The girl is a blast. Super fun, and attractive, and good at talking to boys--the perfect person to meet people with. And we do have soooo much fun. She set a record for the shortest amount of time from meet to make-out. She pointed out some guy, we started chatting with him, he pulled her onto the dance floor, and boom, they're making out. All in the course of one song. Unbelievable.

Anyways, she finds this total cutie to talk to. And I'm the wingman, so I'm going to talk to his friend, who is, um, wow. Like, the most unattractive guy ever. Sadly. He was fun, though. We had a great talk about the Philharmonic (yeah, I'm into classical music, I'm a freak). And we had this great chat, and he goes "hey, can I kiss you?" and I say "uh, well, I just met you!" all cute-like. But really, well, I have, like, less than zero attraction for him. Okay, to give you a frame of reference, he physically resembles Newman from Seinfeld. Yeah. But it just makes me so SAD. Because I'm sure Newman is a great guy, a sweet guy, and he's interesting and has a lot of things to say. But I just can't get over the complete lack of physical attraction I have for him. And, clearly, will never have for him. He's not really the type of guy that you can grow to find attractive. And i'm not generally superficial at all, but I just can't get over this. He did get my #, though, so I'm sure he'll call. And he's a great guy, but... yeah. I just wish you could wave a magic wand and make someone attractive.


At 1/30/2006 11:24 AM, Blogger AWE said...

First of all a lady's hair up, with or without braids, is sexy. I must have an earlobe or earring fetish, I don't know because that always catches my eye.

Second, the physical part has to be there or it is just strange. I have been cornered a couple of times and didn't know what to do. You don't want to be an ass but you don't want to lead them on, so I totally relate.

Sounds like you had a good time and I am glad. It also sounded like another "ping" in the jaded armor.


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