Friday, December 30, 2005

Plans for New Year's Eve

Trying to figure out what to do for New Year's is always hard. Do you go all out and spend lots of money or do you stay home and do something low-key? This year that decision was made easier by Cynthia and her boyfriend, Princeton Lawyer, who have decided to throw a party on New Year's Eve. This means that I won't have to spend a lot of money and deal with crowds of people to have fun with my friends on New Year's! The best part of the party is that most of my close friends will be there, including Kim and Kristin. My boyfriend is also coming and bringing along his close friends, The Poet or Kristin's ex. Let the drama begin.

Knowing that my boyfriend would want to include his friends on New Year's, as soon as the party was announced I asked whether that would be a problem. While Cynthia thought it would be fine, Kristin did express some concern over seeing her ex, The Poet again, which was totally understandable. New Year's Eve is a hard time to be single and no one wants to deal with seeing their ex at a time like that. So when I told my boyfriend about the party, I told him he could invite his friends, but that he shouldn't invite The Poet. Of course, being the attentive listener that he is, he missed the part of me saying that he couldn't invite The Poet and went ahead and invited him. He refused to retract the invitation saying that I should be the one to explain to him why he couldn't come. That was fine by me.

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to tell The Poet and wanted to wait to confirm with Kristin that she still didn't want him at the party. However, I saw The Poet before I had a chance to talk to Kristin and since he asked about Kristin I decided to go ahead and tell him that she didn't feel comfortable with seeing him on New Year's Eve. I explained how it had really very little to do with him, and more to do with Kristin's desire not to feel alone on New Year's Eve. The Poet said he understood and offered to be Kristin's date for New Year's! He said that if Kristin wanted someone to kiss on New Year's Eve, he would be happy to be that person.

While The Poet is a commitment-phobe, I believe that he genuinely does care about Kristin. He enjoyed the time he spent with Kristin and though he cannot commit to her he does want to see her happy, which is why he offered to be her date on New Year's. I though that The Poet's offer, while not a very smart idea, was nevertheless really sweet. Kristin agreed with me, At the end, she rejected his offer, but welcomed him to the party. Happy endings are nice.


At 12/31/2005 11:41 AM, Blogger Mad Munkey said...

A ten spot says she kisses him. lol

Oh, btw - I'm Mad Munkey, nice to meet you. I'm blog surfing through links from my readers sites. I think I'm about 6 times removed now. lol I've entered a completely different circle of blogs where no-one looks familiar. Very nice.

I'm off to skim some more. Have a great New Year.

At 1/04/2006 7:32 AM, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Post an update. We want DETAILS!!! :)


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