Sunday, September 25, 2005

why dont you want to live with me?

this was the question i blurted out to luis this morning after spending many hours contemplating how i would tactfully approach the subject.....
yeah, tactful is not my style.
it worked though, we actually made a lot of progress.
on friday night, in addition to the other things floating in my drunk head, i was thinking.. when would we have this talk? why would he rather live in filth (his roomate is a slob) than live w/me? why is he wasting his money on rent when he's never home? is he using "it's too soon for that" to mean "it'll never happen..with us." (after all, we are approaching the 2 yr mark.. u either see a future or u dont, right?)
sooo, what happened was he basically said that he would want to move in, but probably not move in to my studio cuz it's too small. he asked when my lease is up and if we could try to get a 1 bdrm in my bldg. i told him the lease goes until next january, but that i could ask the realty office to keep an eye out on a 1 bdrm opening up and maybe we could switch the lease, if possible, or just sublet my studio in the meantime... he said that was a good idea and so long as we have a place the size of dan's (who lives down the hall from me) that would work.. and then we started talking about furniture, space, etc. i told him we might need to get an armoire of some sort b/c of the amt of clothes he has (i swear it's crazy! it's more than me!) and he said that he'll probably throw a lot of it out. then he said, the only problem is his car.. that it would cost $300 a month to park it somewhere. so i told him maybe we can ask around and see if anyone has an empty garage or driveway... i know his ex-gf's relatives in jersey would let him use their driveway cuz they're in love with him (another story for another day...) and he said that would work, but then everytime we would want to use the car, we'd have to travel like an hour and a half to get it... jersey shore boy had once told him there was a place in washington heights/inwood area that had cheap parking..
anyway, all of this is good news. nothing is concrete, but at least i know that he is on the same page as me. even though we still didn't resolve the dates... like, should i ask the realty office now whether there is something available? should i wait a few months? how long should i wait? i think it's still good news.. i'm so concentrated on school right now. maybe during one of my breaks--thanksgiving or xmas, i'll go to the realty office and ask or something. we'll see.
anyway, i'm glad that everything is ok b/n us again as well. he came over yesterday and looked and felt like crap too. it's amazing how fighting can do that. i never not-ate w/deaf-mute and not-slept when we had a fight. w/luis it's like it feels like i'm dying (not to be dramatic or anything) when we have major major fights, and apparently he gets the same way too. i hope i dont feel like that again in a LONG time...


At 9/25/2005 9:06 PM, Blogger Steph said...

I hear ya. Fighting makes me feel physically ill.

At 9/27/2005 10:04 AM, Blogger ThreeCharlie said...

I'd hold off until a break, because if something opened while you're in class then that might cause some turmoil between moving and school. When you do go talk to the realtor, mention it to Luis and ask him if he would like to join you. That way he's apart of this process as much as you are, and it's not completely one sided.


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