Monday, September 19, 2005

wedding fun

one of our blog readers, jamy, commented that i should write some good things about my rlnship, so here goes (it's hard not to be a complaining bitch 24/7 =P)
one of our close friends got married this weekend, and it's always semi-weird when that happens cuz it sorta presents pressure in your rlnship, right? well.. i guess it used to- at least with me.. the constant wondering if we'll end up together, the feeling of semi-jealousy twds the married couple (i'm human), the longing and hoping that that would be us soon.. but this weekend, everything was so much fun and there wasn't any pressure. even when i caught the bouquet (ok, even when the bride threw the bouquet right at me ;) there wasn't that uh-oh is that going to freak him out question running thru my head.. and there wasn't no, oh god i hope he proposes soon feeling either. there was just happiness. we both love to have fun, we both share the same sense of humor, we both really really love each other, and i guess both of us know that most likely we will end up together one day so what's the pressure now, right? i realize that we have a good thing and that at the 2 yr mark, i'm not hoping that i am at some other place in time..with deaf-mute i always longed for the past, to feel like i did when we first fell in love. and when luis and i started goign out, i longed for him to express his wanting to be with me forever. i feel good that we're in a good place, we're living in the moment and we're continously learning new things about each other and compromising along the way.. plus he's a great dancer, he's funny, smart, honest (more like blunt), really does want to make me happy even though that's hard at times given my crankiness =/, makes me feel so beautiful and is good in bed. what more can a girl ask for, right?

i'm lucky..
anyway, i've rambled enough i think =P


At 9/20/2005 12:02 PM, Blogger Jamy said...

Thanks for sharing a happy story! It puts your other comments in a much more cheerful context.

At 9/20/2005 4:39 PM, Blogger Kim said...

hehe yay! i try =P


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