Sunday, October 16, 2005

time flies...

wow, it's 2 years since i met luis. life seemed soo insanely difft back then. we were joking around last night. i was like, before i met you i actually was having fun. luis was like, before i met you i didn't have an ulcer. hehe our lives have seriously turned upside down... the night we met, jersey shore boy and i were resolving a fight via a chugging contest, we sang happy bday to kristin and spoon outside of kevin st james, and kristin told me about luis.."he's kind of a player, but not that tall" i remember when i first saw him outside of kevin st james, with his dorky ass glasses and accountant clothes and dorky smile, i was like, that's HIM? hmm we went to yogi's and watched the yankees-red SUCKS and luis practically tongue raped me there. it was total love/hate at first sight.
now life seems more serious which kinda sucks at times. i have a test practically every week and he works like 14 hr days. it's hard to remember how much fun life was before, but at the same time, going thru these changes together and still being able to have lots of fun together says a lot...


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