Monday, October 31, 2005

Those days are gone

I remember the time in my life when Halloween was the biggest night of the year. At my college, it was a major holiday filled with cool costumes, drinking and debauchery. We would stay out until sunrise and then come home and vomit.

Now, I am 25 and still in the law school library trying to complete tomorrow’s homework and franticly doing the research for my long memo. No Halloween fun for me. These days, I can barely stay out past midnight, even on weekends. I just have too much work to do to sit in loud bars where I can’t hear my companions with the loud and drunk slowly getting on my nerves. When given the choice I prefer quiet nights with my girls or my man where we can talk and laugh over dinner and

My boyfriend and my friends come first, but then school has to be my next highest priority. My former quest for the next drink or crazy party is completely over for the time being. But, I’m still lucky that I have a life outside the walls of the library or our class building. I’m fortunate to have friends that exist apart from school. I’m beyond fortunate to have a boyfriend who has been through all this before. But, there is something to be said for my school friends. We all live the same reality. There is a library full of people that also won’t be enjoying Halloween mischief. They understand why it is time to go home from the bar after two drinks and why some nights you can’t go out at all.

Do I miss all the fun I just to have? Answer: Sort of. Those days were fun and much more carefree. But, I’m happy to be back at school. I need a different kind of fun now and more low key nights, at least until this school year is over.

But, I’ll always remember those crazy Halloweens when I was too drunk to stand and when my costume choice was way more important than my work Those nights were fun . . . hella fun.


At 11/01/2005 7:36 AM, Blogger Kim said...

god our lives are so similar right now. i just wish i didnt get annoyed by the ppl at my school so i can kinda find a way to relate to them. some of them are ok, but there are so many over achieving neurotic crazies


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