Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's a dungeon?

Okay, so I totally just got this message on myspace:

My name is Rouge and I run a dungeon in Tribeca.

I was wondering if you were familiar with BDSM and if you had any interest in it.

We are in the process of hiring and I liked you profile and thought you may fit here... After that..it depends if you are interested or not.

If you want to take a look at our website.. it is www.rapturenyc.com

For your info, this is fetish, role play only. There is no prostitution, no job of any sort and no nudity.

Write me back if any question or interested.

PS: the money is pretty good...


Madame Rouge

I am totally intrigued. I think I'm going to do it. It's just another acting gig, right?


At 8/09/2005 10:56 AM, Blogger Kim said...

what! no, it's S + M. at least that's what the last 2 letters stand for. i dont' know what the first two initials are.

At 8/09/2005 10:57 AM, Blogger Kim said...

bondage and discipline is what the first 2 stand for. o..m...g..

At 8/09/2005 10:58 AM, Blogger -- said...

Yeah, I know. What's the big deal?

I love how my straight-edge boyfriend dumps me and I go totally crazy.

At 8/09/2005 11:01 AM, Blogger Kim said...

omg TOTALLY CRAZY. u are me 3 years ago times a billion.
dude who knows what u'd have to do though. are u going to be the discipliner or the masochist. omg i can't even think about it. those ppl are WEIRD

At 8/09/2005 11:04 AM, Blogger -- said...

Did you see the website? The girls are in charge. But not large. ;)

At 8/09/2005 11:08 AM, Blogger Kim said...

but do they expect u to have sex w/them? it seems fishy. but if all u do is boss them around, then it might not be so scary

At 8/09/2005 11:12 AM, Blogger -- said...

No, i really think there's like no sex involved. It's like $100 an HOUR!

At 8/09/2005 1:55 PM, Blogger jag said...

Oh. My. God. #1, thanks for visiting my page. #2 This is my new favorite site. Because of the title alone. Work will have to suffer because I'm hitting some archives.


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