Thursday, November 17, 2005

I can feel my anger growing

Okay, I know this is a dating blog and I am working on a post about the mating habits of the law school library. But, this post is about my rage. I'm sorry for being off topic, but everyone needs a place to vent.

So, the biggest assignment of the semester is due on Monday and the library is full of freaky behavior. Everyone is stressed out and everyone is on the brink of collapse at any moment. This is of course why it is completely awful that the internet is broken in the library. We need the internet to do our assignment! Clearly, I can do without IM or blogger, but I need to use Lexis and Westlaw to make sure my cases for my memo are good law. I just saw two people almost assult a library official who was telling us that the problem won't be fixed for roughly a week. This sucks.

You may be asking . . . how is Cynthia writing this post if the internet is broken at school? Good question, the worst part is that the internet works everywhere in the building except in the library. So, I am sitting in a classroom trying to work on my paper and avoid killing people. Basically, the entire first year class is sitting in about 5-6 classrooms because it is the only place to work. BTW- It is not good for us all to be in the same place. There is too much nervous energy when we all get together. But no, I can't go anywhere else. That's not exactly true, I was studying at Starbucks until a few minutes ago.

Really, I am making progress on my paper, but I am also annoyed. I pay too much money to put up with this.


Thank you for reading this rant.


At 11/17/2005 7:08 PM, Anonymous Ellie said...

When I was in Grad school a couple years back, I had some of the same experiences. I questioned myself constantly why am I putting myself through this hell. However, it will pay off at the end and all of the nuances will be forgotten. Goodluck. :)

At 11/17/2005 7:28 PM, Blogger Kim said...

oh no. that absolutely sucks. feel free to use my apt if you want tomorrow, i will be out all day. it's really really quiet. you will rock this memo, i'm sure. then we can celebrate monday night over my burnt turkey and lots of wine!!

At 11/17/2005 7:31 PM, Blogger Cynthia said...

Thank you both for the good energy. Luckily, the internet has been repaired on the 6th Floor of the Library. I wish I knew why it cna work up here, but not on the main floor. Bizarre.

Yes, we will celebrate on Monday. It will be so awesome!

At 11/17/2005 9:48 PM, Blogger Kim said...

i'm so excited to hang out and unwind, esp w/non-nursing students and of coursse to have a few days off.

At 11/18/2005 10:13 AM, Blogger FINY said...

Yikes, good luck!

At 11/18/2005 10:49 AM, Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

This would have come in handy...

At 11/18/2005 2:10 PM, Blogger Vespertine said...

I totally feel your pain. I`m a brand spanking new attorney just outta law school myself. I had a memo due for my boss a few fridays ago which required looooots of westlaw research. Go figure, the westlaw site was down for THREE HOURS.

Just kill me.

You could of course resort to the books if necessary.....ugh.

Good luck!


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