Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hottie roomate is not scared of us...

but apparently a lot of other men are scared of us.
that's cuz they have no balls.
like for example, our friend mr. d-----
he needs to move to nyc but he's terrified of us, esp b/c of the fact that we'll molest the shit out of him.
it sux that he's a republican but...
we'd still have sex w/him for shits and giggles.
i bet his bigggest fantasy would be for all of us to lick his penis at the same time.......
except he doesn't like coke
so kristen won't do him
and he's not pr
so kim wont' do him
and he's not a hipster
so sarah wont' do him
and he's not a princeton lawyer
so cynthia wont' do him
oh wait
i guess that means he's sol, huh?
oh ppooor mr d----- we all love u, but i guess we wont do u. aw schucks
? he writes
we can't sleep with you we say
we know you're hard for us. schucks


At 8/17/2005 9:27 PM, Anonymous Kristin said...

This is our first drunk post. Yeay!


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