Friday, December 02, 2005

grad school breakups

so i was talking to 2 ppl in my clinical group. one girl was going out with her boyfriend for 5 years-- they just broke up a few weeks ago. another girl was married for 2 years-- she got separated from her husband just last week.... we were talking about this and someone noted that grad school prompts breakups and she knows a lot more ppl who broke up w/their SO.. i'm sure it's not grad school per se, but the change in the course of your life. it's really interesting though, b/c at the same time these breakups are happening, i know 2 ppl who got engaged as well. looking at the course of my own relationship, luis and i have def gone thru a lot of adjustments, changes, compromises, etc. these past few months.
i remember during the first day of my orientation, this guy from the Wellness Center came to talk to us. my first thought was who is this jackass and why wont he shut up. he kept going on and on and on about the ppl in our lives, how they're going to get affected by the stress we feel, about communication, all this crap. i swear, that exact day, luis and i had a huge ass fight. i think we were getting my a/c from his place and we both just kept snapping at each other. the summer semester was definetely the hardest in terms of both work and in terms of learning to cope with changing, and having to make changes in my rlnship to make it work. i'm learning to not take out my aggression on luis, not to snap at him, etc (i said i'm leraning, not that i'm doing this all the time...i'm working on it!) but it feels good to be able to communicate better and to be able to deal with everything as a life change.. i also like that i have something imp't in my life besides luis. b4 school, i wasn't really focused or dedicated to anything. this is so imp't to me right now and i feel so good about myself whenever i learn something new, or do something well, etc. (as cheesy as that sounds) but anyway, i'm glad that luis and i are able to grow together. i think that's a great indicator for the success of a rlnship.. just thinking about deaf-mute and i, what a joke that was. i graduated a year, actually 2 yrs b4 him (he was on the 5 yr plan) and i felt like we were always living two separate lives..
anyway... i'll stop rambling now... just stuff i was thinking about..