Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So, I did not hear at all from MacB this weekend in my response to his earlier email. I had responded, nonchalantly, with this:

My immediate schedule? Well, I'm actually in town this weekend (unlike everyone else in Manhattan), and am free either Sunday or Monday. I may go to the beach with Kim one of those days, though.

And guess, what, today, I get this as a response. Note how he does not address this weekend at all.

I'm wondering if you're free after work this week on either Wednesday or Thursday night. I would like to meet up with you for a drink. Interested? Let me know, whenever you get a chance.

Talk to you later, cutie.

It looks like my Wednesday has opened up, but it's the only night I'm possibly even free. Though I did say I was going to put him in the rotation, his continued flakinesss is really getting old. And fast. But I do have fun with the guy. Grrrrrrrr. I know I shouldn't, but I think I'm going to respond. But his grip on my heartstrings, though once very tight, is very loose now. He's almost completely dropped them. What a freak.

UPDATE: Just spoke to Kim on the phone and she brought up a valid point. Even if I do respond, saying tomorrow would work, he may not even respond to THAT email! So, I'm going to write him back, as a test. Should we start a pool? Who thinks he'll respond, and when, and who thinks he won't respond at all (his modus operandi)?

Here's my response:

You're in luck. It seems that my rehearsal scheduled for Wednesday (tomorrow) is not going to happen, so I should be free, barring a last minute email from the director. But the rest of this week is totally booked up already, so that's the only possibility, I'm afraid.

Let the betting commence!


At 9/06/2005 5:50 PM, Anonymous stim said...

Oh man, I went the same thing early this summer... the constant flakiness eventually wore me down and I told him to fuck off. Boys are dumb.

At 9/06/2005 6:18 PM, Blogger Kim said...

i think he might make this one, but i'm not holding my breath

At 9/06/2005 7:37 PM, Blogger Damn It Anyway said...

He's a jackass..tell him you've got a date for both nights...with someone with a footlong cock.
There's no way a woman like you should have to put up with this crap.

At 9/06/2005 10:46 PM, Blogger Cynthia said...

Hi, I got back from MA this morning.

I think he'll call ASAP, but he is without a question, completely flaky. You are too pretty and overall awesome to put up with that.

At 9/06/2005 11:54 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

bah, i say you just freakin toy with him. its time to out-flake this flake.



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