Friday, August 05, 2005

The Prospect, The Pusher

The moment our young heroine’s lips touched MacB’s, she knew she had to end things with the Prospect. She didn’t care that much for him anyways, and she really wanted to see how things went with this friend of hers. She did, however, have lunch plans with the Prospect for the following day. A quick email was dashed off apprising the Prospect of the situation, letting him know that though he had already expressed interest in being friends if things didn’t work out, if he didn’t want to that was okay.

He replied, of course, telling her that being friends was not a problem, though he was unsure why she wouldn’t want to pursue things with him. “Clearly he has no clue,” she thought. But their lunch date stood, and she ran off to meet him at the appointed time. She hoped it wouldn’t be uncomfortable or awkward. Only time would tell.

As they sat down for lunch, she realized that he was not being nearly as awkward as the first time they met. Suddenly he was actually acting like a semi-cool guy. She supposed that since the pressure was off—they were no longer dating—he could relax and be himself. He made some pretty funny jokes about their earlier sexual encounter, and how he had expected it to last at least a little bit longer, but that things were fine as they were. Again, her heart went out to him—he did seem to be coming up short in the friend department, and our young heroine is almost overflowing. Surely she could share the wealth?

Somehow, the conversation turned to drug trials and over to illicit drugs. Her mind recalled their very strange first date conversation about drugs. He asked her what she had done, and when she was evasive, he pushed her to admit that indeed, she had tried coke once, but was frightened by its addictive nature and had never tried it again. That and her nose hurt for about three days afterwards. The Prospect insisted that the addictiveness and nose pain was only because it was “bad” coke, and if she had “good” coke she wouldn’t feel the same way. She shrugged. “Whatever,” she replied, not wanting to get into the discussion. Later in the evening, after they had sex, he showed her his E collection, hidden in a matchbox. “I never understood dance music till I tried this,” the Prospect explained. “I don’t need to understand it, I like it anyway,” she said.

Back at lunch, when the conversation turned to illicit drugs, the Prospect actually suggested that when he gave E to her, she would finally understand and enjoy it. She laughed uncomfortably. This, from the guy who had a moment ago agreed to be just friends? If they were going to date, or be friends with benefits, she could understand it, but this seemed out of place. Yet a part of her was intrigued. She had been a good girl so long and had missed all the fun in college. She knew, however, that the price of the “free” drugs would be paid in sexual favors. She felt that this was how the Prospect had gotten girls in the past—by being a Pusher. She wanted no (or maybe just a little) part of it.


At 8/06/2005 1:58 AM, Blogger little kernel said...

I'm proud of you for saying that you will be friends. I didn't know to expect so much of you, but tears in my eyes confirm I somehow knew it all along.

At 8/06/2005 8:33 AM, Blogger Kim said...

dude. as your best friend, get away from this guy. it's one thing doing e with your friends, you'll have a great time. but he is just lonely and he knows that when u do it the two of you will DEF end up sleepign together. you dont know where he gets it from, he may give you a larger dose. he f-ing scares me. who freakin suggest drugs on the 1st date anyway!? i wouldn't even call him or reply back to him next time he contacts you

At 8/06/2005 8:33 AM, Blogger Kim said...

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At 8/25/2005 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know how horrible E is?
You should really research a drug before you think of tryin it, so you know what your gettin yourself into.


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