Sunday, July 31, 2005

Two are better than one

Maybe the problem is that one person cannot provide us with everything we are searching for. It may be that we desire too much from one person. We may indeed have to lower our expectations.

But I don’t want to give anything up. I want to have it all and if one man can’t give me everything I’m looking for than maybe I need two men. Two men can get the job done better than one.

I currently have two men in my life, and I don’t want to give either one up. I have the man who I share a lot in common with: he understands my passion for arguments, my inappropriate sense of humor, and my crazy ideas about how the world works. We have an amazing connection, but at times I feel that he’s too self-interested and emotionally distant. That is why I have another man in my life. The other man is sensitive and romantic: he knows exactly what to do when I cry, buys me flowers and small gifts just because, and isn’t scared to tell me that he can’t stop thinking about me. Though I love being with him, our interests are very different and I often have to explain what it is that is that I find so humorous or so dull.

Together these two men compromise the perfect man. In ideal world it would be possible to combine these two men together. In this world, I think I have to hold on to both.


At 2/06/2006 1:53 PM, Anonymous Seamis O'Tool said...

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